Friday, January 27, 2017

Life Insurance Benefits for Family

Life insurance is a form of financial protection provided by a life insurance company against a person (policyholder) against the risk of dying. Thus, the abandoned party (the insured) can still receive a certain amount of money so that money can be used as living expenses by the testator. Basically, people who have life insurance are those who want to provide financial security for their families at the time they have passed away. This is done as a form of responsibility and affection for the family.

It can be said that usually the most in need of life insurance are those who have dependents in his life. Like, you are acting as breadwinner or family backbone. In addition to you, it could be for parents or relatives and other relatives who have many dependents on the family. There are types of life insurance that have additional benefits such as protection against critical illness (critical illness), accident protection, total permanent disability, to benefit daily hospitalization benefits. Read: Health Insurance Protection After Marriage

Life Insurance Benefits, For most people, life insurance products are considered not too important. Though the life insurance function can be a financial support child and your wife as an heir when you later die. Here are some benefits of life insurance.

1. Family Safe Guarantee

Losing the consequences of death will not only leave grief for the abandoned family, but it can also have a very bad impact on the family finances due to the loss of income from the breadwinner. This risk you can certainly avoid by buying a life insurance policy, that family life can still keep running with the financial condition is still safe after the death of family members.

2. Ensure Child Education Cost

Life insurance will greatly help you if you already have children and will be educated. If the education they have to live is still very far and cost a lot, you certainly do not want the children you left to quit school and stop the high ideals when you die is not it?

3. As a Future Savings Account

Indirect life insurance can also be referred to as future savings and anticipation of bad things that may happen suddenly and happen to you and your family in the future. Life insurance is a form of your care and protection to your family and loved ones. Nothing wrong you have it as a form of anticipation of bad things that could happen in the future, especially for those who already have dependents for the family. Choose the best product to guarantee your health and life protection to old age or to death. Read: The Difference in Life and Health Insurance

Choosing the Insurance for Family Optimal Protection, In addition to life insurance, there is also health for optimal protection of your family. Mandiri Hospitalife is a type of health that provides the benefits of hospitalization and death insurance. Another advantage of this insurance product is you only need to pay a premium of 4 years, but the coverage received up to 12 years. In addition, the premium will return 100% in year 12 (no claims or no claims). You also get a death benefit if death after the insurance lasted from 4 years. Use insurance that will guarantee protection for you and your family in these tough times. Do not delay buying insurance. Do it immediately before it's too late.

Currently, in USA there are many insurance companies that offer health insurance products. For that, you can identify some needs that you may need if one day should be hospitalized. Health insurance with optimal hospital care coverage one of which is the insurance from AXA named Mandiri Hospitalife. Mandiri Hospitallife Insurance will provide daily hospitalization benefits for the recovery of the insured's health. There is health protection for inpatient, outpatient and condolence benefit if the insured dies. What are the Benefits of Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance?
  1. Daily hospitalization benefits
  2. Hospitalization benefits due to tropical diseases (dengue fever, typhoid)
  3. Intensive care benefit
  4. Inpatient room ICU benefits
  5. Benefits of mourning money

The privilege of this insurance is the optimal protection either, health or life protection in one type of insurance. The premium amount is determined according to the policyholder's age, you just pay the premium for 4 years, coverage up to 12 years. The premium you pay can return 100%.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Health Insurance Protection After Marriage

If before marriage your medical costs are still borne by the family or parents, then after marriage your responsibility to protect yourself or your partner getting bigger. Therefore, the health protection for yourself and your partner is necessary. By utilizing health insurance, you will also avoid a lot of problems, especially the issue of expenditure that swell. Health insurance is the right step in managing family finances properly. So you do not have to bother anymore cost for something other things that are not desirable, such as paying hospital bills or medical expenses. Here are the other insurance protections that are necessary for you who are married. List of health insurance:

Health Insurance Protection, As mentioned above, the first thing to discuss is the importance of protection through health insurance for your small family. If before marriage you only have health insurance for your personal health protection, then after marriage you must add protection for the health of your family. Remember that healthcare costs are expensive. Imagine if the disaster happened to you or your partner so must be together in hospital, surely your expenses will surely swell. Read: Health Insurance for Children

But the difference is the story if you have health insurance coverage. For example, Mandiri Hospitalife insurance. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance is a health insurance that also provides a mourning fee for your family. There is also inpatient health protection and up to 2X special hospitalization benefits for tropical diseases (eg dengue fever and malaria).

Special, you also only need to pay a premium of 4 years, but the coverage is accepted up to 12 years. In addition, the premium will be refunded at the end of the shelf life (no claims or no claims). Want to protect your family's health? So Mandiri Hospitalife's insurance is the right health insurance option. Read: What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

Accident insurance

1. Protection of Critical Illness Insurance

The risk of critical illness can also happen to you and your family. Such as heart disease, cancer and others. If you are exposed to one of these critical and deadly diseases, the medical costs are not cheap. So, it's good if you have insurance coverage for critical illness. Not only for you and your partner, the risk of such critical illness can also strike your child later. Therefore, by increasing the protection of critical illness insurance, of course your child can get the best health service. The cost of treatment will be more light.

2.Protenance of Accident Insurance

Furthermore, for the breadwinner in the family, surely you should increase the sense of security and provide the best financial protection to the family. One way is to protect yourself using accident insurance. Why? Because if the breadwinner dies or experiences loss of limb function due to accident, then the insured will receive benefit in the form of compensation or sum assured. In this case, you can take advantage of the facilities of Mandiri Hospitalife insurance. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance is a health insurance that also provides a mourning fee for your family. Besides you as a breadwinner get health protection, your family as the insured will also feel the benefits. Through the messages implicit in it, it awakens us that in the hardest moments of life, we need a guarantee for health. So, if something bad happens suddenly, we have prepared everything well, such as health costs or the type of protection we can get.

These films tell about how someone will feel sorry if they do not have insurance. Because we know, everyone has the potential to be equally faced with health risks, deaths, or who bring the consequences of losing income and thus require a large amount of funds suddenly. The romantic movie, based on a novel of the same title, tells of a 16-year-old girl with cancer and named Hazel Grace Lancester (played by Shailene Woodley), who was urged to attend a cancer patient support group by her mother. In that place, Hazel meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters (played by Ansel Elgort), a teenager who was forced to amputate his legs due to bone cancer he suffered.

Although cases of young cancer patients such as Hazel and Augustus are rarely encountered, but this film shows that this disease can attack anyone and anytime. Currently, the registration of cancer protection offered by insurance companies in USA is very easy and beneficial. Among them is the participants get the benefit of sum assured up to hundreds of millions rupiah and do not require medical examination.

This American crime movie tells of a 22-year-old drug dealer who lives in West Dallas, Texas, named Chris Smith (played by Emile Hirsch), who killed his mother to get insurance money from her death. It's a little bit extreme. Money amounting to US $ 50,000 or approximately Rp661 million is planned to be used by Chris to pay the debt. In the real world, such life insurance is widely applicable in the world, both in developed countries such as in the United States, as well as in developing countries such as USA.

In fact, this kind of insurance is often used as a form of inheritance by parents, for their children. Thus, parents need not feel anxious about the future of their children when something happens to them suddenly. Life insurance is a form of financial protection provided by a life insurance company against a person (policyholder) against the risk of dying. Thus, the abandoned party (the insured) can still receive a certain amount of money and the money can be used as living expenses by the testator.

Asuransi Mandiri Hospitalife for example. This insurance is a type of insurance that includes two protections at once ie health insurance and life insurance. Available inpatient and outpatient health protection. You also will get compensation grief if died after the insurance lasted more than 4 years.

Life insurance is a form of your care and protection to your family and loved ones. Nothing wrong you have it as a form of anticipation in the bad things that could happen in the future, especially for those who already have dependents for the family.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Important About Health Insurance

Health is the most important capital in any human being. All possible health risks can be feared to occur suddenly on every individual. Have you had health protection to provide health care coverage?  that is a non-bank financial institution has protection or protection activities. The type of insurance that provides health care coverage Health Insurance is a type of insurance production that specifically guarantees the cost of health or care of the insured person if they are sick or have an accident. Health insurance ensures outpatient and inpatient expenses for the insured to undergo treatment.

The insured is a person who has entered into an agreement with an insurance company with the objective of expecting protection against possible risks. The insured party has the obligation to pay the premium, to get the insurance benefit from the Health insurance consists of various types. It is differentiated by type of care, fund manager, member participation, amount of funds borne, insured party and method of replacement. Read: Considerations When Choosing Health Insurance

Type of Treatment, Types of health insurance treatments consist of inpatient and outpatient care. In hospitalization, health insurance companies will bear some medical expenses during hospitalization. n an outpatient, health insurance companies will bear some health costs such as health counseling, and drug expenses. But for the types of medical expenses, depending on the amount of premiums that have been paid by the insured.

Fund Manager, In the case of health insurance fund managers consists of two authorized parties. Namely government health insurance. Currently the government already has health insurance products for the community, under the name of BPJS Health. Amount of funds: The amount of premium funds determine the amount of insurance coverage given to the insured party. Read: Various Kinds of Insurance Based on The Object

Insured Person, The insurer will provide protection to the insured party who has paid the premium in accordance with the agreement when making the policy book. The insured party in health insurance is divided into insurance for individuals, and for the group. In the event of group insurance it can include individual insurance by including family members.

Method of Replacement, There are several types of replacement methods used in health insurance products. That is the method of using a membership card (cashless) and submission of reimburst. Each insurance institution has its own policy in determining how to reimburse health care costs. Reimburst method, using a way of filing a compensation by way of customers pay the entire treatment first and then replaced by a health insurance company. And the method of using a member card in a way, the customer can use the member card to conduct treatment directly in the hospital that has cooperated with the health insurance related company.

Benefits of Health Insurance, Unexpected health costs, the risk of financial costs incurred regardless of the size of your income. What can someone get when enrolling into a health insurance customer? The Client also allows to obtain other benefits from the contents of the agreement when opening the policy.

Inpatient Protection
Outpatient Protection
Decent Health Care
Benefit of Cash Value
Saving the Future

Health insurance companies have various types of health insurance coverage. There are several health insurance products that provide general health protection, and there is also health insurance coverage for certain diseases. Each product has a different amount of premium. The amount of health insurance premiums, determine the type of coverage obtained by the insured. Each company has its own policy in determining the cost of premium and type of coverage. The Customer has the right to be more careful in choosing the type of health insurance coverage.

How to Get Health Insurance, Many health insurance companies offer a wide range of health insurance products. And not a few insurance companies that have similarities in the benefits of health coverage, thus making people confused to vote.

Choosing health insurance requires accuracy for you in assessing a health insurance product in terms of benefits and terms of condition. Then where you can get health insurance products? You are now facilitated with online submission service for health. KreditGoGo helps you compare and provide information related to health insurance product features. Simply by visiting the product page at the website, you can begin enrolling for a health insurance product. An online submission for health insurance products enables you to compare the benefits of insurance products. You can also save time and effort by simply registering online.

Documents for the submission of Health Insurance will provide coverage for you if it has become the insured party. You can register individually or include family members. You need to know all the coverage or guarantees you will get. You also have to know what things can not be borne by the insurance is intended to anticipate medical expenses and health care in the future. It aims to ensure the health of insurance participants and to eliminate expenditures due to unforeseen events that threaten health.

CashlessCards are members of the health insurance. This card serves to facilitate the insured when going through treatment. Insurers will make direct payments to hospital partnerPremiPremi is a sum of money to be paid every month as a liability from the insured for his participation in insurance. The amount of premium on the participation in insurance that must be paid has been determined by the insurance company with regard to the circumstances of the insured.

Someone who use the services of insurance companies, whether private or state property, if you buy one of your insurance services can be regarded as The aggregation is a process of assessing the mortality or morbidity of the insured candidate to determine whether to accept or reject the prospective participant and determine the classification of participantsReimburstThe insurer is required to pay at his own expense and then with certain mechanisms can be requested a turnover to the insurance company.Purses Guaranteed Inap Letters submitted by the insurance company to the hospital provider which contains the guarantee of payment of the cost of hospitalization by the insurance company a certain maximum amount for health insurance participant whose name is signed tum in the letter.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Health Insurance for Children

Not surprisingly, the mothers were usually easy to worry about the health of their children and more often checked the health of the baby to the doctor or to the hospital. Health Insurance: Parents of course want the best for their baby. Not only give love, affection, attention, and good education but also prepare a plan or preparation for the life of their child someday. One way to prepare for their child's future is to provide protection through insurance. The most frequently discussed child insurance is education insurance and child health. Here are some tips for choosing the best health insurance for your child.

1. Pay attention to the Benefits and Premium Rates Offered

Choosing a good health insurance for a child is an advance review of the insurance you will choose, from the benefits and the premium price offered. This is so that you are not fooled by facilities that look attractive and not stuck with a bid price is skewed. You must make sure before buying. Read: How To Claim Reimburse Insurance

There is no very cheap premium price for the complete benefits and luxurious facilities. Usually, high premiums also provide more complete and good manfat and facilities for you. You just need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance and choose the best for your child. You also need to pay attention to your financial ability.

Benefits of Insurance, Child: Health insurance generally provides benefits in the form of hospitalization benefits, such as room costs per night, ICU rooms, doctor visits, doctor diagnosis, and various other treatments. Read in detail the benefits provided by the insurance company. Read: 4 Types of Insurance Important for Your Family

Premium Amount, This is what you should take into account before choosing health insurance for your child. Calculate how much money you have for the cost of child health insurance. Percentage of insurance funds from family finances should be no more than 10%. Choose a health insurance product that provides the desired benefits, as well as the best service, but is still affordable with the funds you have.

2. Focus on Needs and Abilities

The need in question is the health insurance benefit requirement you are planning. For children, usually the health insurance required is that bear the cost of inpatient, vaccinations and outpatient. Therefore, adjust health insurance that will you choose with your needs. In addition, adjust also with your ability, especially your financial ability. The offer of health insurance with luxurious facilities but too much will actually burden you financially.

If you are only able to get a second class of course you better choose the type of insurance that level with second class insurance only. Do not choose VIP class insurance that will burden your financial condition. Therefore, understanding and focusing on needs and abilities is very important to consider in choosing health insurance for your child.

3. Compare Insurance Products

Before enrolling health insurance for your beloved child, gather appropriate information from some health insurance products. Check in detail and compare what is protected and what is not. See the list of hospitals that are partners of the insurance company. Keep one of these hospitals close to your home. Finally, do not forget to ask also the claim procedure. We can provide the best health insurance reference with optimum protection.

For example, Mandiri Hospitalife insurance. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance is a health insurance that also provides a mourning fee for your family. There is also inpatient health protection and up to 2X special hospitalization benefits for tropical diseases (eg dengue fever and malaria). Special, you also only need to pay a premium of 4 years, but the coverage is accepted up to 12 years. In addition, the premium will be refunded at the end of the shelf life (no claims or no claims).

Register now through and get FREE AXA Mandiri accident insurance opportunity for 2 months. Applying for child health insurance as early as possible will ease your financial burden. With these three tips, hopefully your child can get the most appropriate health insurance for his health needs. Protect the child and all your family members with insuranceMandiri Hospitalife for a prosperous family life.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Considerations When Choosing Health Insurance

The unbalanced workload and lifestyle leads to an escalation of stress. As a result, many USA people are susceptible to disease. Conditions that also encourage people to be more aware of the value of health. Health insurance is becoming increasingly sought after. However, it is not easy to choose the right health protection. We will help you look at a few things before choosing health insurance. Choose the Best Health Insurance, Why Do You Need Health Insurance? serves as a protection to prepare for unexpected illness. The goal, so that funds in savings and investments will not be disturbed when you are sick.

By having health insurance, you can get reimbursement of medical expenses given to the policyholder by the company. Read also: Get To Know Better Health Insurance. The amount of reimbursement costs differ, depending on the premium paid and the insurance policy provisions. Some health insurance provides complete coverage for outpatient, dental care, eye treatment, and delivery. Examples are Allianz SmartHealth Light Titanium insurance that not only provides inpatient and outpatient benefits, but also dental examinations, eye treatment, and maternity care. Read: Health Insurance Claim

Appropriate Financial Needs and Capabilities, Hospital Health Insurance Partner: When choosing health insurance, know the insurance needs that you will use. Look back at your medical history and make a risk estimate to determine what types of treatments you might need in a hospital. For example, if you are a woman, the choice of health insurance with cost-cutting facilities is very much taken into account.

Beyond the need, pay attention to the premium offered. Therefore, the amount of premium must be adjusted with your finances. The higher the premium, the insurance coverage to be incurred by the insurance company as the cost of inpatient room is certainly also greater. If you have no problems with a class II treatment facility, just choose a moderate premium. However, if you have more financial and feel more comfortable with class I or VIP, there is nothing wrong with taking a higher premium. Read: Good Health Insurance

Understand the Insurance Money Replacement System, Health Insurance Reimbursement System: Generally insurance companies apply two health insurance systems, namely cashless and reimbursement system. You only need to show a member card at the time of registering in hospital with cashless system. There is no cost you need to spend first. Another case if you use a system that requires you to make payment of hospital fees first - either when registering inpatient or outpatient.

After the treatment is complete, you can make a claim to the insurance. Simply submit proof of payment receipt and other required certificate. If you describe the difference, the reimbursement system does seem a bit inconvenient. However, the premium offered reimbursement system is usually lower than the cashless system. In addition, partner hospitals are offered much more.

Know the Credibility of Insurance Companies, Choose the Right Health Insurance: Insurance can be said to be a long-term investment product, which will protect you over the next few years. The contract term is offered, on average, in the range of 8-10 years. For that, you also have to be really keen in choosing insurance, especially health insurance.

One way to recognize the credibility of a health insurance service is to consider a partner hospital. How many hospitals work together and ease of location access. In addition, you must also understand how the claim is given. Whether the process is easy and fast, or even complicated, should recommend a family or relative who follows the insurance program and has tried to claim. You can also find out through trusted forums.

Do not forget to read the insurance policy carefully and in detail. If there is something you do not understand or are not clear, it is better to ask your agent. Try to buy health insurance through a trusted insurance agent or who have received a recommendation. Therefore, an insurance agent can help you if you have problems filing claims. The Best Time to Have Health Insurance, The premium amount offered for 20-year-olds will not be the same as 40-year-olds. Why? The more aged the bability of the disease that you will suffer will be higher. In effect, premiums offered by insurance companies will be much higher considering the risk that you are also bigger.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Health Insurance Claim

There are several things to consider when choosing health insurance, ranging from the amount of premium, the type of health insurance needs, age limitations, credibility of insurance companies, until the claim system is enforced. In addition, you also need to know the procedure of reimbursement of fees provided. Insurance companies apply two systems, namely cashless and reimburse. Of the two ways, which one is roughly more profitable? Let's look at the difference, as a matter of consideration you choose the right insurance.

Closer Process Clipping, The cashless system is much simpler as you just have to show your health insurance card. The hospital will check the card's active life or swipe like a credit card. Different cases with reimburse systems that have to go through several processes before you can finally enjoy the benefits of health insurance. Health insurance with cashless system has a more simple method. Because, you no longer have to pay anything to get treatment and treatment at the hospital. Read: Health Insurance Risk

Another case with the reimburse that requires you to spend in advance from the pocket itself. Furthermore, these costs can be claimed by including some documents and receipts to eventually be replaced by the insurer. However, both share the limits of the benefits ceiling. For example, if you have health insurance with a ceiling of Rp50 million, then the total cost you spend while in the hospital should not exceed Rp50 million. If more, then you have to replace it yourself.

Submission of Reimbursement, With a cashless system, you do not have to bother applying for a replacement claim because there's nothing to replace. If your chosen health insurance applies a reimburse system, you should collect some important documents to file a claim. For example, a hospitalized payment receipt when a legalized treatment, examination records, and a doctor's letter to you then submit to the insurer and get a replacement money. However, it does not mean the reimbursement system has no profit in claims. Health insurance system is usually able to file a double claim. You can apply to insurance and personal insurance from the office, if any. Read: Find a Good Health Insurance Provider

The double advantage of this claim can only be done through a system of reimbursement and not on cashless. Because, in cashless claims filing directly occurs when the card is swiped or checked by hospital personnel. The document was immediately sent to hospital officials to the insurance. For cashless systems usually the insurer will set a higher premium than the reimburse. Therefore, the service is considered more flexible and practical. The benefits ceiling offered is also higher than the reimbursement system. If the average health insurance premium with a reimbursement system ranges up to Rp1 million, then the cashless health insurance premium can be double the amount.

Choice of Hospital, The reimbursed system excels in the larger number of hospital partners and more than the cashless system. Not all hospitals work together with cashless insurance systems. The paying reimbursement system that prefers you with your personal money makes the treatment possible in any hospital. When in an emergency situation or out of the area, the cashless system is a little inconvenient because it should look for a hospital partner who can accept your health insurance card.

Choose More Benefits, After reading the above explanation, of course you can conclude both systems have plus and minus points. However, if you want to enjoy both systems, you can buy health insurance that uses a double claim system, ie cashless and reimburse like health insurance products owned by Simasnet Sehat Gold. Double claim system is an easy way so you do not confuse again to choose the type of claim coverage. When you want to double claim, you can use a reimburse system.

If you are in a state of urgency and should be treated or treated by a doctor, then you can use a cashless system. Annual premiums paid are also quite light and can be paid monthly by credit card. Whatever your choice, do not forget to always adjust the health insurance options in accordance with the financial condition and income. Health insurance does not include primary needs, although the benefits can alleviate your medical expenses. Therefore, choose premium insurance payments that do not burden the monthly fee.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Health Insurance Risk

Health is a very important capital, especially for workers and people who have solid activity. One way to protect you from all kinds of health risks is to have health insurance. However, sometimes there is still a reluctance in setting aside some income for health insurance coverage. Moreover, the danger of disease has not been seen in sight. Meticulous in Choosing Health Insurance, When choosing health insurance, the first thing to look out for is the credibility of the insurance company by looking at the number of hospital partners and the ease of claim.

Then, pay attention to the additional benefits you get from the insurance. Some health insurance services offer packages with personal accident insurance, life insurance, or unit-link insurance. There are two reimbursement systems on health insurance, cashless and reimbursement. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages for your finances. The next step, adjust the premiums offered with earnings per month. Do not let your efforts to healthy even make dying financial conditions with expensive premium payments. Then, how to determine health insurance without sacrificing other budget needs? Read: The Important About Health Insurance

Choose a Pay As Safe Premium, To choose a premium, calculate carefully the monthly fees you spend. The average cost incurred to pay for insurance is 10-20% of your total salary. For more details, KreditGoGo will make it easier for you to determine health insurance premiums according to your income per month.

health insurance application. Income Less Than Rp5 Million. Instead, choose a health insurance premium of no more than Rp500 thousand. Asuransi Mandiri Health Insurance offers premiums ranging from Rp51,800 which is adjusted for age and package restrictions. This health insurance provides inpatient care up to Rp1 million per day until the operational cost charge reaches Rp10 million. If within 5 years you do not file a claim, then you can take back your money 100% of the total premiums already paid. In other words, health insurance can also be a savings fund of the future like a savings plan. Read: How to Get the Best Insurance Information

If your income is in this range, choose a health insurance premium of between Rp1 million - Rp2 million is still quite safe for monthly budget. Adjust the benefits, age, or gender as Jasindo Medicash offers premium premiums for men and women. The goal is to help you understand the risks and provide alternatives that suit each individual's needs. Benefits that you can be worth, compensation per day to reach a maximum of Rp180 million, with benefits of hospitalization and the number of hospital partners up to 826 partners. Applies also to emergency care abroad, and no waiting time.

Protecting yourself by allocating a little more funding does no harm. You can take health insurance with premiums above Rp2 million per year. For those of you who are already married, protection from Lippo Insurance HealthPlus + Family can be a great choice. This insurance provides maximum protection for personal and family in daily treatment, hospitalization, surgery with 490 hospital partners.

There are also additional benefits such as dental care, and more. The cashless system using Swipe Card for payment processing is a plus value that makes your claim easier. By choosing a health insurance premium based on your salary, you can pay the premium on time until the agreed tenor period. Hopefully the information already described can help you. Health insurance has a premium range that varies depending on the type of protection options you want. The more protection that can be dicover the more expensive high offered. Premiums are also influenced by the age of the participants, the more aged the premiums paid will be higher.

While BPJS health has a much cheaper premium from health insurance because it is intended for all circles of society regardless of age. BPJS health premium is only divided into three classes, namely class I with premium Rp80 thousand, class II with premium Rp51 thousand, and class III with premium price Rp30 thousand.

Terms of Health Conditions, When applying for health insurance, you must go through a pre-existing condition or medical check-up process first to see if you have a congenital or ailment that had previously suffered. After going through the process, then the health insurance can determine the disease or any health conditions that can be covered by them. For health BPJS there is no pre-existing condition process because BPJS accept any participant condition without seeing his medical history first. All old or new illness, all will be borne by the BPJS without distinction.

Limitations of the Benefit Ceiling, In health insurance, there is a limit of benefits limits known as the insurance ceiling. For example, if you have a health insurance premium with a ceiling of Rp20 million, then when you are sick and hospitalized, the total cost of care you spend can not be more than Rp20 million. If the cost incurred exceeds the ceiling limit, then you have to bear the rest of the cost.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

How To Claim Reimburse Insurance

There are two systems that are owned by health insurance, namely cashless and reimburse system. Cashless system has a more simple method because you only need to show insurance card to the hospital so you do not need to pay anything. While the reimburse system requires you to pay in advance the cost of treatment and treatment in the hospital, then replaced by the health insurance. Although cashless systems are considered more practical, but reimburse systems are preferred because you can apply double claims, lower premiums, to a wider range of hospital choices. Many people feel the hassle when filing a health insurance reimburse claim because the procedure is considered complicated and convoluted. When in fact if you pay attention to the following steps, filing your reimburse claim will be easier to do:

Ensure the Health Insurance Period, Before submitting a reimbursement claim, first find out the active period of health insurance. Do not forget to make a premium payment because the insurance party will not process your claim if the premium is paid late. Read: Life Insurance Benefits for Family

For those of you who have recently had health insurance, there is an active period of use that you should know. Usually the insurer establishes an active period of insurance after 30 days after the policy is issued. So after the policy rises, you can just use health insurance 30 days later. But there are also those who make exceptions for emergency situations that require immediate treatment in the ER.

Know the Claimable, Different insurance companies are also different health care limit given. Not all health risks can be covered by insurance companies such as critical illness, infectious diseases, congenital diseases, and so forth. Therefore, re-read carefully the health risks that can be protected. There are special points in the insurance policy that tell in detail the exclusion clause. At that point will explain how long claims that can be filed if suffering from certain diseases. Suppose that for critical illnesses such as coronary heart disease can only be filed claims after three months. So if you have heart disease, do not immediately claim it. But try to wait for more than three months first. Read: About Whole Life Insurance

The average old health insurance reimburse claims are processed because of the lack of documents you provide. There are three main documents that you must prepare namely, a claim filing form, a hospital bill, and a doctor's certificate. For a claim submission form, carefully fill in the columns and avoid any misspellings or misspellings such as the policyholder's name, policy number, telephone number, date of birth, hospital name and doctor's name. As for hospital bill documents, make sure you enclose the patient's identity, diagnosis of illness, cost of action, medication, date of medical treatment, and of course receipt of payment receipt. If the health insurer asks for the original payment receipt, do not forget to photocopy first.

Lastly there is a certificate from a doctor who is often forgotten. A certificate from a doctor may make it easier for health insurance to process your reimbursement claims as it will corroborate other documents. Please recall the information in the doctor's letter with the hospital billing document such as the diagnosis of the illness, the name of the hospital, and the name of the treating doctor. In addition to the above three documents, there are other supporting documents such as photocopy of valid identity, photocopy of account book, prescription copy, to lab / radiology / ultrasound / x-ray results (if any).

Contact the Insurance Person immediately, Claim submission with reimbursement system should not be delayed. If you have been discharged from hospital, as soon as possible you make a claim because usually the health insurance imposed expiry limit submitted by the insured. Find out the validity period of a reimbursement claim in your property or ask your customer service or health insurance agent directly.

Save Copies of Documents, Having filed a claim does not mean your affairs have been completed. Before you receive a claim reimbursement, you should first photocopy all the original insurance documents you provide to the insurer and keep them safe. This needs to be done to anticipate the things that are not desirable like the insurer who lost the claim data or accidental deletion of the original document.

Reimbursement Claims Differences for Inpatient and Outpatient, Not everyone who has health risks should be hospitalized. For example just like the person affected check eye health and ENT, to diseases with other mild symptoms. Even some of them are reluctant to be hospitalized because they are less comfortable with the situation in the hospital so they prefer to be treated the road. Then if there is a difference in filing claims of outpatient reimbursement with hospitalization? Actually there is no significant difference in terms of the required documents. It's just that some insurance companies impose restrictions on the frequency of visits or treatments like the ceilings imposed on hospitalization.

Ensure your health insurance has inpatient and outpatient services in order to facilitate you to get maximum care such as insurance health owned by Simasnet Sehat Gold. Not only provide inpatient and outpatient services with reimburse system, you can also get an additional accident insurance worth Rp10 million. Again, do not forget to always be careful in reading the provisions of the policy and provide documents filing claims for future claims you can with easily approved. Hopefully the above information can make it easier for you when going to claim health insurance reimburse.